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  • Well, hello!

    Thanks so much for being here! My name is Amanda and I love to take photos. LOVE. I actually love to deliver photos; to see the joy that gorgeous images can bring to people who love the people in their lives.

    I have 2 boys, who are the loves of my life (you'll see them here if you poke around enough). My husband, kids, cats Jemima and Fabienne and I live in Merrick, NY and never plan to leave.

    I shoot anything involving emotion. You will mostly see images here of newborns, kids and family, but I also love to shoot maternity, birth and small weddings/stylized events. I'd love to hear from you! Use the contact form (above or below) - I'm more than a little chatty.


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I don’t know what’s harder for me to get over; watching my own babies getting bigger or watching clients’. I met this family when Aiden and Adriana were still in Mommy’s belly, and I look forward to seeing these sweet faces every year. It was another big change from last year to this year – look at those baby faces! I’m emotionally prepping now for next year when they’ll tell me about their academic forays into Kindergarten (!!!). For now, I’m hanging on to them being babies (even though they’re not).

I love this crew.