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I will be totally honest here.  For both of my pregnancies, I thought I was having a girl.  Correction – I KNEW I was having a girl.  Both times.  I didn’t want to find out the gender either time, but let my husband talk me into it.  I will always remember the moment the technician said (in a thick Eastern European accent – picture Schwarzenegger giving you the biggest news of your life):  “I SEE A PENIS”.

I will admit that I cried.  They were emotional tears – not sad ones, I promise.  My boys are the best things that ever ever ever happened to me.  I tell people all the time; there’s nothing like the way a boy loves his Mama.  And honestly, I don’t see how moms of girls do it – the girls’ clothing section in any given store is about 87 times as big as the boys’ and WOW I didn’t know sparkles came in so many varieties.

Anyway – back to boys.  Honestly, there is not a baby in the world that isn’t adorably cute and wouldn’t make my heart melt if I got in some snuggle time.  But there are a handful that really grab me.  Hugo is one of these charmers.  I swear, I’m still crushing on him and his session was several weeks ago.


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