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Boys, boys, boys. So many boys lately and each more delicious than the next! We work so hard as newborn photographers to keep baby feeling comfortable and happy enough to be in that deep sleep that allows cuddly posing, so when parents ask for portraits with eyes open, it can get tricky (and cross-eyed). When Daniel’s mom asked for shots showing off his baby blues, I thought “Okay, he’s sure to need a snack and when he’s up, we’ll grab him.” Easy enough. Or not. Mr. D. was so happy and snuggly that we had to wake him up. And then he made eye contact. And then a sweet kissy face just for his Mama. It pretty much doesn’t get better than this.

Come to think of it, the other most recent Mama that wanted eyes open shots also came with a deep sleeper. We were singing LOUDLY over her sleeping head and she didn’t bat an eyelash. Maybe that’s the real trick to keeping them sleeping? We do all of this tiptoeing and feeding white noise and soothing…just say “eyes open images, please” and you’ll have them out cold. An idea for next time.

Anywho,open your pretty eyes and take a peek at Daniel. He is something else.

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