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So here’s something that doesn’t happen every day. La la la, I was just going about my life about 2 weeks ago when I received an email from a network news executive producer about being featured in a sweeps week story. Things got a little cray cray at that point. Phone calls, emails, texts, taping, interviews, photo archives…oh my! I got a new outfit, got my nails did, had the most outstanding makeup artist in the universe work her magic, hopped a train to the city and talked for an hour about birth photography. And then agonized for a week about what I said, what I didn’t say, what I should’ve said, what I said that might’ve sounded like something I didn’t say; the combinations are endless. My husband thought this was all hilarious (which is why I love him so much – anybody else would’ve left at this point). My big debut came on and it was TORTURE. If you caught the news last night, the headline story was about a predator fish found in Central Park – a fish that can live for days on land and is a huge threat to our ecosystem. The fish looks like this:
So then I had the pleasure of my husband showing me variations of the Frankenfish on his iPad any time a teaser for my story came up, asking me “Is this one of your baby pictures?”

Thank God for Chardonnay.

Anyway, the story finally came on. And it was awesome. I couldn’t be happier about how they put it together and what a nice tone they took with it all (I love what I do, but some people can be very judgmental and as much as it shouldn’t bother me, with something this personal, it just does). You can find the story here . I hope that you love it as much as I do.  And I hope that this means that I get to sit next to Brad Pitt at my next big industry affair.

Thank you so much for your support.


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