Happy Birthday to Anthony! • floral park cake smash photographer • amanda saldarelli photography

I love watching my little friends grow up! I first met Anthony a year ago when he was brand new and it’s always fun to see how much of that little baby still sticks around once they become big boys.

Ahoy, sir!
Nassau County cake smash photographer
Merrick cake smash photographer
Merrick baby photographer

Suffolk County cake smash photographer

He looks like such a big boy here.
Nassau County baby photographer

“Hey Dad, this crazy lady thinks I’m going to sit down!”
Suffolk County baby photographer
“Okay, okay; I’ll sit down.”
Long Island family photographer
New York baby photographer
“What? Mom said I could.”
Long Island cake smash photographer
I love a boy willing to risk an eye injury for cake.
New York cake smash photographer
You, too, can have this face!
Long Island baby photographer

Happy Birthday, Snuggiebug!!

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