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I like to try to keep last-minute availability in my calendar, but sometimes some babies are born early and others late and sometimes there’s a hurricane 9 months prior which means a lot of babies are coming and I just don’t have the room. Gavin’s Dad emailed me when he was a week old asking if I could fit them in. I had availability a bit further out, which made us both nervous, so I was really glad when I was able to work it out to have them come in at Gavin’s 10 day mark.

The day before the shoot, one of my closest friends texted me “OMG! My cousin booked with you tomorrow!” The small world moments lately come every day (my kids’ camp bus driver turns out to be the nephew of an old friend of my father’s; my client from Sunday turns out to be my cousin’s girlfriend’s boss’ boss) and it makes things feel that much nicer when you connect for more than one reason.

So Gavin was already like family when they came. I think we chatted more than I worked during this session. Gavin’s mom asked me to do some different styling than my usual and I love the results.  He was such a good baby!  Slept the whole time and gave me a whole range of smiles.  I really love his images.

Long Island newborn photographer
Nassau County newborn photographer
Someday he’ll fit into Daddy’s Gi.
New York newborn photographer
His 2 year old twin cousins were in this box 2 years ago!
Long Island baby photographer

Nassau County baby photographer
Suffolk County baby photographer
New York baby photographer
Merrick baby photographer
Suffolk County newborn photographer
Merrick newborn photographer
Lynbrook baby photographer
Lynbrook newborn photographerBig brother in love.
Long Island family photographer

July 22, 2013 - 5:09 pm

Bryan Eng - Amanda,

I had a smile that was ear to ear when I saw the pictures. We absolutely loved them! Thank you so much for doing an amazing job with our babies. I simply cannot wait to see the rest!

July 22, 2013 - 8:23 pm

Michael S. Markham - So cute and funny. Can’t stop smiling!

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