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Other than quadrupling in size, Marcello hasn’t changed much in the year since I saw him last. He looks exactly the same, but he’s a big boy now! I almost felt badly putting him into these cutesy baby setups – Marcello has an old soul sensibility and I could feel him sort of laughing at us during some of the sillier ones.

He liked my truck.

Suffolk County baby photographerAnd being soooo biiiig!
New York baby photographerI feel like he’s going to burst out and over this box in an amazing tap dancing routine.
Long Island cake smash photographerSilly, I know.  But he was in this box as a week-old baby and it’s still super cute.
Nassau County cake smash photographer
Merrick family photographer

 Loving the box!

Baby photographer on Long Island

 Okay, maybe not anymore.

Suffolk County family photographer

 And he’s back!

Cake smash pictures on Long Island
Suffolk County cake smash photographer

Dancing with Mama.

New York cake smash photographer

Snuggling with Dad.

Cake smash photographer on Long Island
Merrick baby photographer


Long Island baby photographer

“No, really; what?”
Long Island family photographer“I don’t think I like this!”
Nassau County family photographer“Okay, okay, let’s calm down and consider the issue here.”
Nassau County baby photographer

 “Excuse me?  I seem to have gotten a bad case of cake foot and could use some assistance, please.”

Baby pictures on Long Island

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