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It’s always fun for me when I know the birthday boy (or in this case, his big sister).  Sophia was in my son’s class last year and when her mom asked me about celebrating Dean’s first year with a session, I was thrilled.  I mean how cute is this family?  Would you think they’re cuter if I told you that Dad excitedly bought Sophia’s dress just for this session?
Nassau County baby photographerSuffolk County family photographer

This one looks like they’re slow dancing.
Merrick cake smash photographer

I don’t think Mommy knew I took this one.  I think Sophia did.

New York cake smash photographer
New York baby photographer

Suffolk County photographerYes, he was throwing baseballs at me.  It kept him happy, so I was happy.
Cake smash photographer on Long Island
Look at that face!!
Family pictures on Long IslandThis one KILLS me.  This sweet baby just wanted to cuddle everything in my studio.
Long Island family photographer

Long Island baby photographer

New York baby photographer

Merrick baby photographer

Suffolk County baby photographer

Long Island baby photographer

Baby pictures on Long Island
Nassau County baby photographer

Nassau County family photographer

Nassau County cake smash photographer

Happy birthday, handsome!!  I think you have something in your hair.

Baby photographer on Long Island

August 30, 2013 - 9:46 pm

Jc - exceeded expectations and they were high!

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