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  • Well, hello!

    Thanks so much for being here! My name is Amanda and I love to take photos. LOVE. I actually love to deliver photos; to see the joy that gorgeous images can bring to people who love the people in their lives.

    I have 2 boys, who are the loves of my life (you'll see them here if you poke around enough). My husband, kids, cats Jemima and Fabienne and I live in Merrick, NY and never plan to leave.

    I shoot anything involving emotion. You will mostly see images here of newborns, kids and family, but I also love to shoot maternity, birth and small weddings/stylized events. I'd love to hear from you! Use the contact form (above or below) - I'm more than a little chatty.


Happy Birthday to Teagan • Forest Hills cake smash photographer • amanda saldarelli photography

I’m not going to lie; cake smash sessions can be tough. Even the smiliest babies have their off days, especially when teething; especially when bothered with 5 outfit changes in 45 minutes; especially when a strange lady with a big camera is singing silly songs and making crazy faces over and over. I look forward to first birthday sessions because of lots of reasons – 1 year olds are SO CUTE – it’s a joyous milestone and I love to be a part of the celebration – I love cake (well??) – but I kinda sorta dread them the teeniest tiniest bit worrying that baby might be having an off day.

Baby, I couldn’t have been happier with this little lady.

First of all, Teagan is DELICIOUS. Her face is just a joy – full of light and love. Her eyes just sparkle and I don’t think there was a minute of this session where she wasn’t just smiling away.

Her parents were also ridiculously nice.

Enjoy this one. I did.

Forest Hills baby photographer

Suffolk County family photographer

Long Island family photographer
Merrick baby photographer

Nassau County family photographer
New York baby photographer

New York family photographer
Suffolk County baby photographer

Long Island baby photographer

Nassau County baby photographer

Forest Hills cake smash photographer

Nassau County cake smash-photographer

Long Island cake smash photographer
Suffolk County cake smash photographer
New York cake smash photographer

Lucas • Westbury newborn photographer • amanda saldarelli photography

Sometimes babies come and sleep and I pose them efficiently and they’re out in 2 hours. Sometimes babies come and need lots and lots of cuddling and we’re there twice as long. Sometimes babies are great sleepers, but the Moms that bring them are so fun to spend the day with that I wind up making what should be a nice, short session go super sized because I love the company.

This session was a trifecta. Squishy, chubby, delicious baby boy; hilarious, witty, warm Mama and loving big sister with sparkling eyes. The best.

Long Island newborn photographer
Long Island baby photographer

Merrick baby photographer
Merrick newborn photographer
Nassau County baby photographer
Nassau County newborn photographer
New York baby photographer


East Williston newborn photographer
New York newborn photographer
Suffolk County baby photographer
Suffolk County newborn photographer