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  • Well, hello!

    Thanks so much for being here! My name is Amanda and I love to take photos. LOVE. I actually love to deliver photos; to see the joy that gorgeous images can bring to people who love the people in their lives.

    I have 2 boys, who are the loves of my life (you'll see them here if you poke around enough). My husband, kids, cats Jemima and Fabienne and I live in Merrick, NY and never plan to leave.

    I shoot anything involving emotion. You will mostly see images here of newborns, kids and family, but I also love to shoot maternity, birth and small weddings/stylized events. I'd love to hear from you! Use the contact form (above or below) - I'm more than a little chatty.


Delicious Daniel • Long Island newborn photography • amanda saldarelli photography

Boys, boys, boys. So many boys lately and each more delicious than the next! We work so hard as newborn photographers to keep baby feeling comfortable and happy enough to be in that deep sleep that allows cuddly posing, so when parents ask for portraits with eyes open, it can get tricky (and cross-eyed). When Daniel’s mom asked for shots showing off his baby blues, I thought “Okay, he’s sure to need a snack and when he’s up, we’ll grab him.” Easy enough. Or not. Mr. D. was so happy and snuggly that we had to wake him up. And then he made eye contact. And then a sweet kissy face just for his Mama. It pretty much doesn’t get better than this.

Come to think of it, the other most recent Mama that wanted eyes open shots also came with a deep sleeper. We were singing LOUDLY over her sleeping head and she didn’t bat an eyelash. Maybe that’s the real trick to keeping them sleeping? We do all of this tiptoeing and feeding white noise and soothing…just say “eyes open images, please” and you’ll have them out cold. An idea for next time.

Anywho,open your pretty eyes and take a peek at Daniel. He is something else.

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Huggable Hugo (yes, I am crushing). • long island newborn photographer • amanda saldarelli photography

I will be totally honest here.  For both of my pregnancies, I thought I was having a girl.  Correction – I KNEW I was having a girl.  Both times.  I didn’t want to find out the gender either time, but let my husband talk me into it.  I will always remember the moment the technician said (in a thick Eastern European accent – picture Schwarzenegger giving you the biggest news of your life):  “I SEE A PENIS”.

I will admit that I cried.  They were emotional tears – not sad ones, I promise.  My boys are the best things that ever ever ever happened to me.  I tell people all the time; there’s nothing like the way a boy loves his Mama.  And honestly, I don’t see how moms of girls do it – the girls’ clothing section in any given store is about 87 times as big as the boys’ and WOW I didn’t know sparkles came in so many varieties.

Anyway – back to boys.  Honestly, there is not a baby in the world that isn’t adorably cute and wouldn’t make my heart melt if I got in some snuggle time.  But there are a handful that really grab me.  Hugo is one of these charmers.  I swear, I’m still crushing on him and his session was several weeks ago.


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Aiden and Adriana • long lsland newborn twins photographer • amanda saldarelli photography

So, it’s a new year and a new blog and I really truly 100% am super duper on it this time.  Last year, I made a new years’ resolution to blog, and perhaps I should have been more specific, because I did blog, but about 4 times.  This year, I intend to assault you with my photography and ramblings.  Be warned.

I love these twins.  Their parents aren’t bad either (and assuming you’re both reading, I’ll upgrade this comment if you do book that 30-something-year-old cake smash!).  A&A couldn’t have been sweeter during their newborn session.  And I get them again for cake in a few short months.  Delish.
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